De-Icing Boots | Wing De-Icers for Aircraft

OEM and Aftermarket Fitments

Ice Shield® rubber de-ice boots support over 85 percent of the general aviation aircraft operating today. Interchangeable on all major General, Commuter and Business Aviation aircraft, Ice Shield’s wing de-ice boots are trusted worldwide by top original equipment manufacturers. All parts are strenuously tested in extreme conditions to ensure the quality and durability of our products. Ice Shield PSA custom-designed wing deicers can be quickly installed to your aircraft, letting you fly the plane immediately after installation finishes.

Manufacturers using Ice Shield:

  • OEMs
    • Textron
      • Beech King Air 350
      • Beech King Air 200
      • Beech King Air 90
      • Beech G58 Baron
    • Epic LT and E1000
    • Lancair Evolution
    • Stratos
    • Viking Twin Otter
    • Vulcanair Partenavia
  • Regional/Commuter aircraft operators
  • Part 135 Charter Operators
  • Corporate and Individual Aircraft Owners

How Ice Shield Wing De-ice Boots Work

Our pneumatic wing de-ice boots use bleed air or vacuum pumps to dislodge ice during both the inflation and deflation of the boot’s tubular channels. The airplane de-ice boots can be activated either manually or by a timer controlled by the pilot. Within minutes, ice will begin to shed from the plane’s wing. Check out our full list of wing de-ice boots here.

How to Install a Wing Boot

Ice Shield also offers pressure-sensitive adhesive for wing boots (Ice Shield PSA). Learn more about that product here!